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 Voice Artists of

Squirrel Mountain

IGGY POP (As Himself)

We are delighted to welcome the legendary badass rockstar Iggy Pop to the cast of Squirrel Mountain. Iggy started his band The Stooges in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1969 and soon gained a reputation as one of the wildest frontmen in rock. He is the sole survivor of the so called ‘Holy Trinity’ comprising of himself, David Bowie and Lou Reed. Iggy continues to thrill fans around the world with his band and also hosts one of the best and most eclectic music shows on BBC 6 Music which has an enormous global following. As an actor he has appeared in numerous art house movies and his music has graced many soundtracks.

Iggy is playing himself in ‘Iggy To The Rescue’!


Stefan Ashton Frank (Narrator)

Stefan's speaking voice is on TV on most continents daily, on cartoons, games, documentaries, over a 1000 TV promos, film trailers, and commercials. He has voiced dozens of Promax gold awards and won a bunch of others and has been singing, gigging, recording and songwriting, with everybody from Boy George to George Clinton, The Prodigy to Thomas the Tank engine.

Stefan voiced the parts of Mr.Robinson and 20 others, on the Emmy and Multi Bafta award-winning; The Amazing World of Gumball for Cartoon network.

JC 001 / Jonathan Pandy (Poshcat)

JC is an Anglo Indian rapper/poet and beatboxer from Ladbroke Grove, London.

He is the former Guinness World Record holder for 'fastest rapper in the world' and vocalist for 20 years with French Lyonnaise band 'Le Peuple De L'Herbe'. He has also worked with George Clinton, Nitin Sawnhey, and Dave Stewart.

JC has just graduated in Community Development and Youth Work at Ruskin college, Oxford and building a voiceover studio. He has five year old twin boys.

VO_le peuple de l'herbe  (45).jpg
VO_Anthony Barclay.jpeg

Anthony Barclay (Ronnie Chicken)
Born in Manchester, England, Anthony can be seen in the new Netflix series 'The Irregulars' and 'Domina', a 10 part series from Sky Studios set in Ancient Rome. He has worked with Sam Mendes, Steven Berkoff, Pete Townshend, Ted Hughes and Stephen Sondheim amongst many others. 
Squirrel Mountain marks Anthony's first role playing a chicken.

Kevin Armstrong (Reggie Chicken)

Kevin has had a long career working with David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Sinead O'conner, Morrissey and many others. His One Man Show 'Absolute Beginner' has received 5 star reviews, and his autobiography will be published on 17th October 2023 by Jawbone Press.

His solo album (which includes songs he has written with Bowie & Morrissey) is available from his website.

J Dawkes.jpeg

Johnny Daukes (The Evil Egg)

Johnny is a noted movie soundtrack composer, director and writer for TV and cinema, he is a popular voice over artist and literally does his own stunts. His new unique project, 'Shadowman', is an autobiography & album about his painful childhood, and has had rave reviews.

Philippa Pilkington (Fairy Frosty Flakes)

Philippa has been involved in acting since a young age and appeared in a number of productions alongside her day job as an Executive PA at a top London firm. More recently she qualified as a yoga teacher, is a life coach and runs a wellness website focussing on physical and mental wellbeing. She now lives in Singapore.


Baylee Frank (Stanley)

Baylee has been doing cartoons and voice-overs since she was 6. She is now a music scholar at the Brit school. She has just voiced a princess superhero for a video game and has done both seasons of Zack n Quack on Nickelodeon plus many TV ads from Barbie to Yoplait. Baylee is also a very talented singer and songwriter.

Fox Campion Armstrong (Rocket)

Fox is currently at Rose Bruford college studying for a degree in music production & sound design. When time allows, he assists his dad Kevin in the studio and at gigs, whether they be small one man shows or stadium gigs with Iggy Pop. Fox likes to build computers, edit short videos and build websites, including this one.

Fox Campion-Armstrong (Rocket).jpg
ATC headshot 2.jpg

Angelica Campion (Mom)

Before Angelica’s big break casting herself in Squirrel Mountain, she previously appeared as Laurence Fishburne in 'The Pootrix' and as Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Terminator the Musical'. Angelica's album Curved Blade by The Real Angelica, is available on Bandcamp. Her semi autobiographical novel 'The Cat Butlers' is a murder mystery involving cats, and available on Amazon.

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